The Confraternity of Catholic Saint started last 1 October 2003 with the name Ministry for the Promotion of Holy Men and Women at the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cubao dedicated to promote the new Saints of the Catholic Church. Its foundation was led by Dave Ceasar Dela Cruz and Lloyd Paul Elauria, both from the said diocese. It was only in 6 August 2006 that it changed its name to Confraternity of Catholic Saints (CCS) in the presence of the pioneer fraters of the CCS,  namely (with religious name) Dave Ceasar Dela Cruz (Francis Teresa Maria of the Immaculate Conception and of the Holy Cross), Lloyd Paul Elauria (Tarciso Bonaventura Maria a Croce), Weldann Lester Panganiban (John Ezekiel Maria of the Miraculous Medal and of the Cross), Matthew Taleon (Joseph Pio Maria of the Visitation of our Lady).

The charism of the CCS is the promotion of devotion, lives and spirituality of the Catholic Saints.

On 13 July 2007 Rev. Fr. Angelo Ma. S. Legal, of the Catholic Order of Saint Benedict (OSB) became the Spiritual Director of the CCS through his acceptance letter.

On 24 July 2007 the co-founder and Director of the Confraternity, Dave Caesar Dela Cruz, officially presented the letter and requirements requesting the Lord Bishop of Cubao, Most Rev. Honesto F. Ongtioco, D.D. for the Diocesan Recognition of the Confraternity.

At present the CSS is the Official Promoter for the Cause of Canonization for Blessed Ivan Merz of Croatia in the Philippines, the Official Group-Promoter of Blessed Alberto Marvelli of Italy in the Philippines, a recognized prayer group for the Cause of  Canonization of Blessed John Paul II, and Recognized Promoter of Saint Rita de Cascia (by the Mother Abbess), Monastery of Saint Rita de Cascia, Cascia, Italy.

On October 2007, the founding-Director, Dave Ceasar Dela Cruz, visited the tomb of Blessed Ivan Merz. By his pilgrimage to Croatia the Confraternity was recognized by the Archbishop of Zagreb, Josip Cardinal Bozanic; the Archbishop of Sarajevo, Vinko Cardinal Puljik (Bosnian, Croatian: Vinko Puljić); and the Bishop of Banja Luka, Franjo Komarika. The Director was interviewed in the Catholic radio in Croatia and the Director had the chance to have a talk to the Croatian youth. The Confraternity was also featured in some newspaper in Croatia. One of these is the magazine in Croatia, FOKUS.

On 19 March 2008, Dave Ceasar Dela Cruz was appointed as the Vice Postulator for the Philippines of the Cause for the Canonization of Blessed Ivan Merz of Croatia and was recognized by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines. Dela Cruz, being the co-founder and Director of the Confraternity, the CCS is the home office of the Vice Postulation.

Having been elected as the Vice Postulator for Blessed Ivan, on 10 May 2008 the Confraternity conducted the first feast celebration of Blessed Ivan Merz in the Philippines at the home Parish of the CCS, the Transfiguration of Our Lord Parish in Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines. Mass was celebrated along with the extension of the Blessed Ivan Merz Scholarship Program.

On 1 June 2008, the start of the canonical year for CCS, the CCS has launched its official manual, which was also presented to the Bishop of Cubao as part of the needed documents for the Diocesan Recognition. The CCS Official Manual contains the norms of the CCS, the Constitution and By-laws, and other important documents like decrees of the Director, prayers for the CCS, and letters of several Bishops.

On 5 October 2008, the fifth anniversary of the Confraternity, four pioneer fraters made their solemn consecration and perpetual profession. On the occasion of its fifth anniversary, on 6 November 2008, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints sent a message for the Confraternity, marking a step of recognition from the Congregation.


January 1, 2015, CCS underwent reformation by making it an organization under the Office of the Vice Postulator for the Cause for Canonization of Bl. Ivan Merz in the Philippines. CCS will serve as the official apostolate arm of the Office of the Vice Postulator for the Cause for Canonization of Bl. Ivan Merz especially in promoting Bl. Ivan Merz, the apostle to the youth, while doing its original apostolate.

By March 1, 2015, CCS will officially go back to its roots as a religious organization of young people that will proclaim the gospel and preach that holiness is possible through the lives and works of the Saints.